Monday, March 30, 2009

me and the girls....

We had a great time in Utah. We loved hanging out with our friends and relaxing (a little bit) with our family. We love the new house (more on that to come). But one of the highlights of the week was having our pictures taken by Justin Hackworth. A few weeks ago I saw a post at Design Mom where Gabrielle sang the praises of Justin's work and talked about a promotion he was holding to take pictures of strangers. So I emailed him and got us signed up. Turns out (as is often the case in our tiny Mormon world) that we're hardly strangers at all-- his brother and sister-in-law were friends of ours in St. Louis. Anyway, here are a few of the pictures-- aren't they gorgeous?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I know you hate to be kept in suspense...

After losing two dream houses to suitors (including the Harrison Ford house) with quicker reflexes, Eddie and I got serious. We put in an offer on a house we both love. It still hasn't had an inspection or an appraisal, and until that's done, I'll try to keep myself from gushing too much, and you'll have to content yourselves with a single picture. But I'll just say that it's amazing. It's got everything I wanted (great location, lots of character, interesting neighborhood, close to schools and friends) and everything Eddie wanted (close to work and no major work required). We get to see it in person on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed that it appraises well. We can't wait to make it ours!

We're leaving for a whirlwind week in Utah tomorrow. I'm sure I'll have lots of news when I get back!