Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When you think, in theory, that going back to grad school sounds fun...

Remember this post. My day today.

5:45 Alarm goes off. Although sleep was elusive anyway; Eddie had a headache and decided to medicate by watching football on our giant bedroom tv, lighting up the whole room like the sun at noonday.
6:00 On the treadmill. Too tired and sore for a tempo run, so I pound out 8 miles while listening to This American Life's Petty Tyrant. Fantasize about becoming a petty tyrant myself.
7:00 Open shades, empty dishwasher, strip a bed, convince a child to actually practice the piano instead of just sitting on the bench half-asleep, gather laundry, make two pans of brownies and a batch of pudding for trifle, make some beds, rouse some kids. You know, the usual.
7:42 Jump in the shower for my morning beauty routine.
7:50 Jump in the car to take Annie to French (the first of four trips to her school today).
8:10 Home. Scriptures, prayers, throw Bryce's lunch at him and send him out the door.
8:15 Maren to school. She wants me to do it, even though her father is willing and just sitting there, surfing the internets.
8:25 Home. Read two papers. I got 19 8-page research papers in class yesterday and they need to be handed back in conferences tomorrow; I also have to read six graduate seminar papers for workshop tomorrow.
9:05 Drop Isaac (who had the day off) at a friend's house. Run back to Annie's school
9:15 Teach Annie's class about Gary Schmidt and take them through a writing exercise.
10:00 Home. Assemble trifle while talking to Mom on the phone. Change laundry loads. Read a few more papers. Swear at the computer, which keeps freezing up.
11:15 Pick Maren up at school with the intention of taking her to dance class. Bag dance class when she starts to cry.
11:20 Home again. Lunch for Maren and me. More papers. A drink for Maren More papers. Another drink for Maren.
12:30 Isaac home; his friend and the friend's little sister stay to play. I finally get some reading done without interruption.
2:00 Friends go home; interruptions resume. Isaac manages to eat a whole can of pringles and a pint of raspberries while I'm not looking. Starts complaining of a stomachache. More reading.
3:30 Bryce home. Take off to pick up Annie at school. Drive her to used ski shop. Glare at her while she cries because the used skis and ski boots aren't pretty. Promise to cover skis with pretty stickers instead.
4:15 Swing by car wash. They kept our car seat when we had the car washed the other day and I have to retrieve it. I get some guy in trouble and don't really care.
4:40 Drop Isaac in the driveway (he's going to the BYU basketball game with Ed) and back out to go to Annie's Parent-Teacher Conference and book fair with the girls.
5:00 Drop by Great Harvest to buy bread for tomorrow's dinner. Sneak in Baskin Robbins to let Annie redeem the free scoop coupon she got at her conference.
5:20 Home. Pick up. Throw chicken nuggets at the kids.
5:40 Parent Teacher Conference for Bryce at the other elementary school
6:00 Second book fair of the day
6:20 Isaac's parent teacher conference
6:40 Home in time to give Maren a sniff, proclaim her clean enough, and stick her in jammies. Read her the new book she got at the fair.
7:00 Watch a movie with the big kids while reading the last nine papers of the day. Two are on how movies and video games will permanently damage my kids; try not to feel too guilty.
9:30 Finish the last paper. The house is a disaster. Do the dishes. Yell at Bryce for spilling milk. Send him to bed mad at me.
9:45 Blog about it all.

Do it all over tomorrow.