Saturday, November 1, 2014

Book Review: Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick

Title: Decorate: 1,000 Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home
Author: Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick
Enjoyment Rating: ***
Source: Hardback Copy

Maybe it's just the fact that I had finished reading two home design books that were memoirs in disguise, but I was a little underwhelmed by Holly Becker's Decorate. I used to follow her blog pretty regularly, and I always liked what I saw there, but this book lacks the focus that Elements of Style and The Nesting Place had. Becker also devotes a chapter of her book to each room of the house, and her book is a riot of photos, each more gorgeous than the next, but what I took away was a lot of pictures of pretty houses and very little about how to apply that to my own life and my own home. If you want a book to page through on your coffee table, you can't go wrong with this one, but the book doesn't seem to lend itself easily to practical application because it's just too big and too sprawling.

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