Sunday, March 17, 2013


Because two days of international flights followed by two long days of sightseeing just aren't enough, we spent yesterday touring Shanghai. We were so lucky because we thought we'd be on our own in Shanghai, but when we arrived Saturday night, Michael told us that he was going to take us, and even better, that we'd already paid for our tickets.

Yesterday morning started with us on the subway to the train (completing the Beijing to Shanghai line). Them we took another subway downtown. Although we could have navigated the city ourselves, it was so nice that we didn't have to.

We started our sightseeing on Nanjing Road, which is China's equivalent of Michigan Avenue or Fifth Avenue. Fabulous shopping, and the Apple store looks just like it does at home.

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Blue said...

wow. that airport is CRAZYBIG!
and rose looks so much older than eli! i'm sure now that he's with you he'll catch right up. so sweet to see them together! &hearts'