Monday, April 16, 2012

Book Review: Not my Type by Melanie Jacobson (Whitney Finalist)

Title: Not My Type
Author: Melanie Jacobson
Enjoyment Rating: 8/10
Referral: Whitney Finalist
Source: Electronic copy
Books I've read this year: 49

When I finished reading Borrowed Light, the first book I picked up in the Whitney Romance category, I was convinced it had the category sewn up. I thought it might be a contender for my favorite novel of the year, not just my favorite romance. So I'll admit that I approached the other books in the category with the bar set high-- I needed them to wow me in order to even put them in the running.

And with Not My Type Melanie Jacobson did wow me. With great, rounded characters, tight writing, humor, an interesting storyline, and just the right amount of social commentary about life on the Wasatch Front, Jacobson delivers so much more than just a romance novel. In fact, this is a book that I might have overlooked as a casual reader because of its category-- it feels less like a romance novel than just a strong contemporary novel about a girl trying to find her way in life.

After graduating from BYU and breaking things off with her rising pop-star fiance (it sounds cheesy, but it works), Pepper finds herself frustrated by her job making sandwiches (to pay off her credit card bill for the wedding) and the fact that she's sharing a room with her little sister. Her dad, a family therapist, intervenes after Pepper showers her sister with birthday cake, and encourages her to set some goals and find gratitude for the things she has. These goals help her to get her life back on track socially and professionally, and eventually she finds love (and a lot of bad dates along the way).

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