Sunday, April 15, 2012

Book Review: The List by Melanie Jacobson (Whitney Finalist)

Title: The List
Author: Melanie Jacobson
Enjoyment Rating: 7/10
Referral: Whitney Finalist
Source: Electronic copy
Books I've read this year: 48

When Ashley Barrett goes to spend the summer before graduate school in Southern California with her cousins, she's looking to make a little money and learn to surf; she's emphatically not looking to fall in love. She watched her two older sisters marry in their teens, and grew up aware of the fact that her parents' early marriage had made for some economic challenges, and she was not going to get married until she'd had a little fun. In fact, she made a list to of all of the fun things she wanted to do before she'd let herself fall in love. And if one of the items on that list was "have a summer fling," then that was something she could do during her California summer, no strings attached.

Yeah, right. This is a romance novel after all.

When I picture a woman reading a romance novel, I picture either a teenager or an older, married woman. I don't picture Ashley's peers, the unmarried-but-looking twentysomethings. I guess I figure that that demographic is actually out having romances and can't be bothered reading them. But Jacobson's books feel like they would actually appeal to college students. She has the dialogue and the pacing and just the right amount of detail. She also has really likeable protagonists. I'll write more about this in my review of Not My Type (which I actually liked better), but I think that Jacobson really has her finger on the pulse of what the characters in her stories would like to read.

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