Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A letter to Rose- November 1st

Dear Rose,

It was Halloween last night, and you were missed. Your brothers and sisters kept asking, "What will Rose be for Halloween next year?" and "Do you think Rose is trick or treating tonight?" They were disappointed to learn that you probably didn't dress up or go trick or treating. "We'll have to make sure she has an extra-cool costume next year," they said.

They wanted to show you their costumes, as a preview of things to come:

 Darth Vader and his Storm Trooper buddy.

Taylor Swift and Olivia the Pig

Maren thinks you should wear a pumpkin costume next year, and Isaac wants you to be the Headless Horseman. Unless you have strong opinions one way or the other, I promise to pick out something sweet for your first Halloween. I'm a little sad that the older three have progressed beyond the cute, but I'm really lucky that I'll have you to be my little doll.

Since we couldn't dress you up and parade you around the neighborhood, we decorated a pumpkin in your honor.
Here's Maren sitting next to her pig pumpkin (I know you're impressed)

Here's yours. We tried our best to make a Rose, but it came out looking more like a Daisy.

This week I found some more fantastic websites to help pass the time until we can get you. I joined a Yahoo group for kids with cleft lip and palate, as well as a message board for parents waiting for kids from China. Both groups have been informative and welcoming, but on the China Adopt Talk board, I learned that instead of being able to come get you in February or March, if things proceed like they have over the last few months, it will probably be late March or April before you are in our arms. Not good news at all! It seems that I keep encountering situations to teach me patience, which I think is funny because I've never possessed much. We also sent you a letter and a little package and are hoping for some new pictures of you soon. If we can't have you, I hope that we can at least see you.

But even if we can't have you or see you, know that we love you.

Love, Mommy

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CIndy said...

:-) kids looked awesome for Halloween! Wow. :-) hope Rose gets to come over soon? Can't they use the health/cleft palate as a medical issue to expedite it?