Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book #88: Sister

Sister: A NovelTitle: Sister
Author: Rosamund Lipton

The premise of Sister isn't all that original-- when Beatrice learns that her younger sister Tess is dead (well, she's missing first, but I'm not giving much away telling you that she's actually dead) she's unable to accept that the death was a suicide, so she starts investigating herself, and has to find the killer before it finds her. Despite the BTDT nature of the story, Lipton does a great job bringing Sister to life. I was interested in both Beatrice's backstory and Tess's story, and also in the device Beatrice uses to tell how the hunt for the killer transpired. As the story goes on, the reader starts to realize that something is wrong with Beatrice, and I won't tell you more to give it away, but discovering exactly what is wrong with her, and why, and who did it, is worth reading the book. Once again, a great beach (or deck chair) read.

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