Saturday, April 2, 2011

A breather, and an apology

Last semester I felt consistently busy from the beginning of the semester until the end. I went to class on Tuesday and Thursday, and worked every other day of the week on homework and lesson plans and laundry and being a mom. This semester, I mistakenly thought things were a little easier. Sure, I was going to Provo every day, but there were some weekends when I barely did any homework at all. Little did I realize that  I was in for payback. Big time payback. This weekend, with 32 research papers sitting on my desk waiting to be corrected, I'm also writing four big papers of my own, preparing two presentations, and driving down to Utah County (again) for family dinner. I also needed to get in that long run for the marathon next month. But I'd rather blog. So instead of writing that power point, or buckling down and getting back to the two papers I still need to read to fulfill today's quota, I'm going to write a few book reviews. When I emerge from the school-induced haze I'll be sure to recap about the happy and important things in life, like our adoption and the fabulous paint job my mom did in the girls' room. Please excuse me if the reviews are brief, unhelpful or completely unintelligible. At least they won't be graded.

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Blue said...

I don't think I'll ever get beyond my sense of awe over your life.