Friday, February 13, 2015

Book Review: Porcelain Keys by Sarah Beard

Title: Porcelain Keys
Author: Sarah Beard
Enjoyment Rating: **
Source: Digital Copy
Content Alert: violence and abuse

Since Aria's mother, a Julliard-trained piano teacher, died several years ago, the teenager has been hiding her grief and caring for her alcoholic father, who beats her if he catches her playing the piano. So she's pretty miserable until she meets her new next door neighbor, Thomas, who helps her follow her passions and ignites some new ones. Then tragedy strikes, and Thomas disappears from her life. She has to pick up the pieces and try to reconstruct a new life without him in it.

Did you read If I Stay? What about the sequel Where She Went? If you take away the whole hovering-over-the-body aspect of those books and just focus on the Julliard-bound teen whose family died, and mash it up so it's actually the boyfriend's whole family who died, then basically you have Porcelain Keys. The book reminded me so much of If I Stay that I couldn't help but compare them at every turn, and it usually wasn't in favor of Porcelain Keys. The characters seem drawn with such broad strokes, and I wasn't sure that I wanted Aria and Thomas to get back together in the end, or believed that their relationship was portrayed as being strong enough to withstand the absence that Thomas took from Aria's life.

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