Friday, February 13, 2015

Book Review: Lined with Silver by Roseanne Evans Wilkins

Title: Lined With Silver: An LDS Novel
Author: Roseanne Evans Wilkins
Enjoyment Rating: **
Source: Paper copy
Content Alert: violence, but otherwise a clean read

Sondra is a successful family attorney, rising up the ranks of her Utah firm, when her sister Nikki, asks Sondra to act as a surrogate for the embryos Nikki and her dying husband, Brad created before his chemo. Sondra wants to help her sister, but she's worried about what her clients will think of a pregnant unmarried attorney representing them, so she takes a trip away for the weekend to think about her options. On the flight,  she reconnects with Zack, a boy she crushed on all through high school. He has his own reasons to want a quickie marriage, and less than 24 hours later, they are legally husband and wife. But will love come for these two as well?

This book was one I wanted to skim, but I felt like a rubbernecker at a bad accident and just kept reading. Very few books offend me, but this one did. From the "An LDS Novel" tagline to the unedited feel of the book to the girl who feels like she has to be married to be a surrogate for her sister because of a judgy culture to the absolutely horrendous ending (okay, so I'm going to spoil it here and just say that Wilkins solves the problem of Sondra's growing affection for the babies she's carrying and her worries that she won't be able to hand them over to their parents by KILLING OFF the parents in an accident). Then the last chapter of the book focuses so much more on the romantic resolution than on the death of those characters. Lined With Silver was just a trainwreck of a book, albeit one I took a bit of a secret pleasure in watching.

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