Saturday, January 3, 2015

Book Review: Falling for You by Krista Lynne Jensen

Title: Falling For You
Author: Krista Lynne Jensen
Enjoyment Rating: ***
Source: Digital Copy
Content Alert: a clean read

If you remember Elizabeth Ellis from Krista Lynne Jensen's novel The Orchard, you might remember someone who was materialistic and kind of self-involved (but who seems to redeem herself in the end). In Falling for You, Elizabeth gets the chance to tell her story, and to find her shot at love. She trades in her jet set lifestyle for a chance to help run a store in Jackson, WY, and stays in a small inn when she arrives. Of course, the innkeeper is a handsome man with a complicated past, and Elizabeth is forced to decide what she wants out of love, out of life and out of the religion both of her sisters have joined.

My favorite thing about Falling For You was to see someone who was fairly unlikeable in another story become redeemed in this one. It makes me question how I often misjudge people and situations and don't see the big picture of people's lives. The romance was fairly predictable, and the conversion story (which was explored pretty thoroughly in The Orchard with Elizabeth's sister) seemed a little repetitive, but this was still a worthwhile read.

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