Saturday, January 11, 2014

Book Review: The Reluctant Blogger by Ryan Rapier

Title: The Reluctant Blogger
Author: Ryan Rapier
Enjoyment Rating: ****
Source: Kindle
This book would be rated: PG

Another novel, another spouse dead of a brain aneurysm. Because I've read SO many books lately about widowed thirtysomethings trying to make sense of their new lives, I didn't have very high hopes for The Reluctant Blogger. But Rapier and his story of Todd, who starts a blog as an assignment from his therapist, really surprised me. Todd writes about his struggles to raise his kids, especially his teenage daughter, about everyone who wants him to start dating again, and about his relationship with his family and friends.

One of the things Rapier does best is tell the side stories. I loved getting to know about Todd's best friends, his totally normal bishop (who felt like a real person instead of a caricature), his overly rigid dad, and the women he ends up dating. A thoroughly enjoyable read with a satisfying conclusion, which also manages to make insightful commentary about LDS culture (and gentle criticisms thereof), The Reluctant Blogger is the novel that seems (at least of the books I've read) to be one of the best LDS novels of 2013.

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