Thursday, January 9, 2014

Book Review: Abby Road by Ophelia London

Title: Abby Road
Author: Ophelia London
Enjoyment Rating: ***
Source: Kindle
This book would be rated: PG or PG-13 for steaminess

Abigail is a superstar singer (think Gwen Stefani or Taylor Swift) who has struggled to find her footing after the tragic death of her brother a year earlier. After finishing a world tour and having a breakdown, she ends up at her sister's house in Florida to regain her balance. While there, she meets Todd, a surf shop owner who is also a wealthy Marine who speaks five languages. They fall instantly in love, but Abigail's mental health (and her inability to fire her sleazy manager) gets in the way, and they break up, leaving Abigail to pick up the pieces and decide whether or not she can finally face the demons who are holding her back.

London writes well, and although Abigail and Todd are completely improbable characters, their love story is cute. This feels a lot like a romance novel, but it's an enjoyable one. The ending is rewarding, and the idea that people are better off in their relationships when they are mentally healthy is a good one as well.

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