Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Eli's blessing

When my great-grandmother made a christening dress for me to use for my future children, I was a preteen who would rather have gotten $20 than some weird crocheted dress.

My grandma passed away a month before Bryce was born, and by that time, I recognized the wonderful gift she had given me. He wore it for his blessing, followed by Annie, Isaac, and Maren. When we adopted Rose, I didn't think it would fit a one-year-old, but somehow we squeezed her into it.

This time, I bought an outfit that would do double duty as a blessing and sealing outfit. But last Sunday morning, I pulled out the dress. I really wanted Eli to wear it, even though I was sure it wouldn't fit. My godmother, who made the slip for the dress, has embroidered the names and birthdates of each child who has worn the dress into its hem, and I wanted Eli to be able to claim his right to it too. So I tried it.

After the blessing, we cooked hamburgers and hot dogs and ate on our patio with the people we love best.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I love the technology that lets me be a part of that special day. I cannot wait to meet that sweet baby boy and hug his brothers and sisters. How wonderful that he could wear the blessing gown. Grandma Mandt is smiling in heaven and bursting with pride over her newest great-great grandson! I love you all. (Gr)Annie