Thursday, May 9, 2013

Book Review: 14 by Peter Clines

Title: 14
Author: Peter Clines
Enjoyment Rating: ****
Source: Audible
This book would be rated: R for language, sex, and violence

Nate is in his thirties, but still hasn't found his groove. He's working a dead-end job and living with roommates who all seem to be going places. He needs to find a new job, a purpose in life, and maybe a girl to share it with, but first he needs a new place to live. When he finds an apartment that's almost too good to be true, (in Hollywood, with a view of the Observatory, for $500/mo, including utilities), he jumps on the chance to make a move, and maybe get his life in gear.

But Nate's new apartment building is decidedly weird. At first it's just little stuff-- the black light in his kitchen, the strange hole in his closet, the apartment without the doorknob, but then he finds bigger things that don't make sense and starts talking with the neighbors about it. This starts him off on a quest to discover the secrets of the building.

See it right there on the cover? The comparison with LOST? At first, I felt like I was listening to the first few seasons of LOST, where everything is shiny and new and plenty confusing. I felt like I was trying to figure out a puzzle. It felt like the most satisfying book I'd read in a very long time. And then, as the book started to wind to a close, just like in LOST, things got decidedly weird (and I'm not talking about the final episode). I would rate the first 80% of the novel five stars, the next 19% two stars, and then the last few pages redeemed the story. The book also reminded me of Stephen King's 1963 book, but it was a less satisfying read for me.

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