Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Book Review: Spinster's Folly by Marsha Ward (Whitney Finalist)

Title: Spinster's Folly (The Owen Family Saga #4)
Author: Marsha Ward
Enjoyment Rating: **
Whitney Finalist
This book would be rated: PG

Maybe I would feel differently about Spinster's Folly if I'd read the first three books in the Owen Family Saga. Maybe I would have tender feelings toward eighteen-year-old Marie, who's terrified that she's about to be put on the shelf because she hasn't yet managed to find a man. Maybe I would understand why she goes along with her father to get engaged to a man she already knows she doesn't like, then why she runs off without a second thought with a complete stranger when the fiance turns out to be a jerk (surprise!). But I haven't read the first three books, and I really didn't like Marie Owen. Of course, since all of the Whitney finalists seem to have romantic plots even if they're not in the Romance category, there was a romantic subplot with a worthy guy, but I was almost surprised at the lengths he went to to find Marie, when even her father and brothers seemed ready to give her up and write her off. The first half (Marie's preoccupation with being a "spinster" and with the good cowboy and icky fiance) and the second half (the kidnapping narrative) felt like two separate stories stitched together.

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