Friday, January 11, 2013

Book Review: The Twelve by Justin Cronin

Title: The Twelve
Author: Justin Cronin
Source: Audible for iTunes
This book would be rated: R for violence, language, sex-- you name it
Enjoyment Rating: ***

One of the first Audible books I ever listened to was Justin Cronin's The Passage, which is the prequel to The Twelve. The books are about a dystopian world in the near future and about 80 years into the future, when the planet has been overtaken by genetically-engineered vampires. Until listening to The Passage, I was not a fan of dystopian/horror books at all, and I was surprised at how much I liked that book. Cronin developed great characters, fractured his characters in an interesting way, and wrote a book that was enjoyable to read, despite all of the death.

So I was excited for The Twelve. Like its predecessor, it's well written with great characters. But there are SO many characters that it was a little hard to follow. Cronin doesn't pander to his audience by refreshing the back story, so I spent the first hundred pages or so trying to figure out who all the characters were (it had been several years since I read the first installment).  And then it was a lot more death and killing. Audible chunks its books into easily downloadable segments, and this book had four chunks, each 6-7 hours long. By the fourth one, I was hooked by the story, but it took a while to get me there. I'm not sure if I'll invest another 26 hours in the final installment of the story when Cronin finishes the trilogy.

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