Thursday, October 25, 2012


Dear Eli,

We got new pictures of you this morning. It's been such a blessing to have so many families picking up their babies from Xuzhou in the last few weeks, because we've gotten to see your smiling face three times-- which is enough time for you to recycle your outfit. You look happy and chubby, and oh so stinking cute.

And you know what makes today even better? We are DTC! That doesn't mean much to anyone who doesn't know their adoption lingo. So I'll fill you in. There are about a million little milestones in the adoption process, but there are three big milestones-- the day your dossier is sent to China (known as DTC), the day you get your Letter Seeking Confirmation, which is an official approval to adopt (known as LOA), and the day you get your travel approval (known as TA).

So now our official application is on its way to China. Within a week or two it should be logged in with the Chinese government, and then the very worst part of the process, the wait for the LOA, begins. The wait is somewhere between 10-150 days, which is what makes it hard. The average wait is about 65 days (it took 63 days with Rose), so I'll start getting antsy around the first of the year. Or, if the wait is like last time, around the first of December. Or, let's get real here, right now. I want you home right now. Seeing your smiling face doesn't make the waiting any easier.



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Blue said...

um, can you just adopt me? I want a mom like you!