Saturday, March 10, 2012

Going Transatlantic (Hong Kong airport)

Annie snapped this picture of me and Eddie sometime during our 14 hour flight last night. That's me under the blanket. It was freezing on the plane and the minor asphyxia that came from breathing in my carbon dioxide helped me sleep. Annie said I got some really weird looks.

Right now we're eating waffles with chocolate syrup and drinking "coke light." We're also experiencing the emotional lability that comes with two little sleep. Crying one second and laughing our heads off the next

My biggest word of advice? Even if you got what you think was a paper ticket from your travel agent, be sure to check in online 48 hours before departure. We didn't and when we went to get our boarding passes we'd been bumped from our seats together to sitting in three separate middle seats. We used Annie as our excuse to get seated together, but we ended up in the loud seats right near the galley. Oh well. We survived. But Ed is threatening to upgrade to business class for his trip home. A 6'4" frame doesn't do well in an economy seat.

Hope to check in once we've made it to Nanjing.

Tomorrow is Rose day! Can hardly believe it!

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Anonymous said...

What fun to follow your journey! Beth can relate, I'm sure! Can't wait for the next chapter.
Love, Annie

Blue said...

just got home and kissed all the sleeping kiddoes. all is well. i'm probably almost as tired as you, and think they should rename it "sleep reduction time" instead of daylight savings time, but i'll survive.

you are all in my prayers. so happy for tomorrow!!! ♥