Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A letter to Rose- November 8th

Dear Rose,

Yesterday you turned seven months! Happy birthday! There's a baby in our ward who is about a month younger than you. Her mom is in the Primary presidency with me, so every Sunday I see how big she's getting and how much she's learning how to do. Now she's sitting up and laughing and putting everything in her mouth, and seeing her makes me feel close to you.

Mimi was here this week, and we transitioned from Halloween right into Christmas. She spent many hours in our dining room, toiling away on your stocking. We all know that there's no way you'll be here for Christmas, Mimi felt it was important for us to have your stocking hanging on the fireplace with all the others. I've even set aside a few things to wrap up and give you for Christmas-- I know your brothers and sisters will have fun opening them in your honor.

We've also been having fun planning your "Good Fortune" shower. While I never expected to have a baby shower for our fifth baby, so many of our friends and family want to celebrate your arrival into our family. So over Christmas break we're going to have a little party with Chinese food and a rose cake. I'm excited that there are so many people who are happy for us and for you to join our family, so I think it's going to be lots of fun.

Your brothers and sisters continue to wish that we could hop on a plane tomorrow and come get you. We filled out a huge stack of papers this week, all kinds of official documents for the American government side of things, and as much as I don't want to wait any more than the kids do, I also know that I want all of our "i"s dotted and "t"s crossed because once you're ours, no one is going to be able to pry us apart. I love you sweetie!



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Terry Mastny said...

I loved every minute and every stitch it took to create Rose's Christmas stocking. She is a part of us....so near and yet still so far away. The little things bring her closer as we await her arrival. We celebrate our good fortune together.