Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lego Star Wars Strikes Back (Isaac's 7th Birthday)

Isaac thinks he's gotten cheated in the birthday party department. Last year we took a van full of kids to the Dinosaur Museum, and the year before that we went to Chuck E. Cheese. I thought that taking them to "exotic" locales was way cooler than just having a party at home, but apparently Isaac didn't think so, so this year we had a Lego Star Wars party at home.

Of course, at my house, there's always a catch. Isaac invited nine friends, plus his cousin. Then I checked the schedule and realized that Ed would be out of town. If you add in my kids and the other cousin, that makes 15 kids at the house for the party. And just one adult. Me. Annie and her cousin Natalie were hugely helpful. We got through it. Then I shut myself in my room and took a nap.

When the kids showed up, Darth Vader greeted them at the door. We got pictures of that, then it got too crazy, and we missed most of the party.

Here's what we did:

* Ate pizza, grapes and carrots. Mostly pizza.
* Had a LEGO relay-- three teams each had to fill up a bucket of LEGOS with a spoon.
* Played LEGO bomb (essentially "hot potato") and we played the John Williams music.
* Had a LEGO building contest (pictures below). Each kid had ten minutes to build.
* Went on a scavenger hunt. That's why they're in the garbage in the pics below.
* Hit a pinata. At least two of them did. Then the pinata broke.
*Ate the cake. It was cute, but the kids were not really fans.
* Opened presents.

Then I sent them back in the house and picked up in a frenzy while they watched a LEGO Star Wars video. By the time it was over, there was only one kid left. Isaac said he had a great time, and I hope I bought myself a few more years of Chuck E. Cheese with this party.

 The party ended, and I looked at the pictures and realized that there was only one of Isaac. So when he woke up this morning at 7:00, eager to open his presents, we made sure the camera was ready. He looks a little bleary-eyed, and very long-legged.

We still haven't served the LEGO man cake I made. It's not too adorable, but I think Isaac likes it.

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Blue said...

thanks for letting us share his special day! ♥