Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Second First Day

Despite a four-and-a-half year age difference, these boys are the best of friends and I love that this picture (the only one I could snap before they took off down the stairs) shows this. Despite being BFFs, Bryce and Isaac don't walk to school side by side. Bryce walks head down, determinedly, and wants to be first in line to go into school. Isaac tightropes over the curbs, stops to chat with friends, and is mauled on the playground by his buddies.

The boys both had a great summer-- Bryce loved his camp and gained a lot of confidence there, as well as some of the organizational skills he needs to do well in the school year. Isaac mostly ran around in the back yard with his shirt off, which is why he's ten shades darker than his older brother. They are both my chicken whisperers, and I'm not sure if our three little birdies are going to be sad or relieved to be left to their own devices for most of the day. 
Maren and I are enjoying a morning of relative calm. In a few minutes, we'll take off to let her pick out her "first day of school" outfit. Now that three of the four have gone back to school, I may even feel brave enough to hit the mall for a little while.

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