Friday, July 22, 2011

Midsummer Update

1) We've been back from Alaska for a week. It was really fun, but I abdicated all photographic responsibilities to my mother and therefore don't have any pictures. We saw Mount McKinley, orcas, humpback whales, sea lions, moose, caribou, lots of bunnies, seals, porpoises, dolphins and so many bald eagles that eventually they became commonplace. We hiked in a rainforest, kayaked on a lake, floated down a river, and saw lots of totem poles in the rain. Both Isaac and the Alaska cousins have made us promise to come back in two years.

2) Speaking of Isaac, he's scheduled for surgery #4 (or is it #5?) on August 30th to get the metal plate out of his leg that he had inserted two years ago when they went in to straighten his femur. After that he'll have just two more (little) surgeries a few years down the road and he'll be fully recovered.

3) Bryce has had a fantastic summer at camp. Phew. He's already asked if he can go again next year and told us that he doesn't want to miss ANY days for vacations and stuff like that. It's great to see him so happy.

4) Yesterday we got our official approval from the US government that we are "suitable" to adopt from China. So things there are proceeding apace. We hope that Rose will join our family sometime in the winter or spring. Once we're matched with an actual child and Rose becomes more than a theoretical abstraction, I'm sure I'll have a lot more to say on the matter.

5) In the meantime, I'm working on changing a room for two girls into a room for three girls. We bought a quilt. We ordered a personalized blankie for Rose from the same company we got the other kids' favorite blankies. I found an old set of sheets that matches the sheets in the girls' room and I made them into a duvet cover. My mom finished her owl extravaganza on the walls. Our neighbor is scheduled to come in and build a bed in the reading nook to make a little preteen alcove up there for Annie. Now I need to find someone to come in and do the wallpaper and the room will be finished (only two years after we moved in).

6) Annie just came back from two nights at sleepaway camp and has 48 bug bites to show for it.

7) Maren hasn't slept in my bed in three nights (yes, that is an accomplishment).

8) I'm running the Deseret News marathon on Monday (but just for fun, not for a recordbreaking time).

9) Number of books I've read since the kids got out of school: 23.

10) Number of chapters (pages, paragraphs) I've written on my novel since the kids got out of school: 0.

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Blue said...

Can't have 0 Fans in your cheering section! :-)

Bran just commented "I haven't seen Bryce in forever!" and wondered what kinds of things they do at his camp. He'll probably come with Bon tonight so they can hang out. Hopefully Bryce will be able to tell him about his camp.

And I haven't seen you in ages. Glad for the update and look forward to a chance to hang out sometime...though it's probably not going to happen for a little while still.