Saturday, July 30, 2011

Book #91: Barrel Fever

Barrel Fever: Stories and EssaysTitle: Barrel Fever: Stories and Essays
Author: David Sedaris

I've read a lot of David Sedaris, and although I didn't love his most recent book (the animal one), I'd probably still say that I'm a fan of his work. But if anything would turn me into an anti-Sedarisite, it would be Barrel Fever. The work is short on the essays (I love me a Sedaris essay) and long on the short stories. I'm probably outing myself as a provincial and a prude, but the stories were pretty vulgar and frankly didn't always make a lot of sense. If this is "real Sedaris," then I guess I'm a fan of "Sedaris lite." I ended up skimming or entirely skipping quite a few of the stories. There were one or two nice essays thrown in, but by and large, this is one I think all but the most die-hard readers can safely skip. 

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