Monday, April 25, 2011

Book #52: Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother

Secret Thoughts of An Adoptive MotherTitle: Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother
Author: Jana Wolff

In Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother, Jana Wolff describes her experience adopting Ari. Jana and her husband were white Jews living in Hawaii when they were chosen by a birth mother in California whose child was multiracial. Wolff writes about waiting for Ari to be born, her mixed feelings toward the birth mother,  her own worries about raising Ari, and the highs and lows that come with raising any toddler, adopted or not. The book is a super quick read (one bath for me!). As an essayist, I often feel prodded to be more honest when I'd rather be a little less forthcoming, and Wolff is nothing if not honest. I sort of want to pat her on the back for telling everything like it is and also want to stand looking at her, eyes agape, wondering if she really said those things.

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for mentioning this book. We're in the waiting stage of a domestic infant adoption. I downloaded this book last night..and oh the relief of knowing that really we're not crazy.

Good luck in your own wait.