Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Book #33: Cross My Heart (Whitney Book #13)

Cross My HeartTitle: Cross My Heart
Author: Julie Wright

Things aren't going well for Jillian Belle: she's spent the last three years trying to get over her ex-fiance, Geoffrey, when her ad agency transfers her back to Boston with explicit instructions to get to know him well so she can ferret out whether or not he's stealing her company's ideas (he's been known to steal ideas before-- Jillian dumped him when he stole hers). On the plane to Boston she meets Allen, a dentist who hates people who work in advertising, mostly because he just lost his girlfriend to an adman.  The adman in question turns out to be-- guess who?

Yeah, the story sounds predictable, but it it's really pretty cute. I liked Jillian's character quite a bit. She was prickly, which gave her some depth. I also liked that she didn't seem overly self-aware. For example, she refers to herself as physically graceful, but she keeps tripping and falling (and breaking her teeth, which is how the good dentist returns to her life). Allen also has some depth too-- he holds grudges and makes snap judgments and sees Jillian as something of a trophy. I think Wright does a great job with the setting of the book too. The LDS singles scene in Boston came alive for me, and I thought Boston itself was one of the most interesting characters in the book.

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Blue said...

read it the other day, too. I really enjoyed it and would love to read a sequel.