Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Maren turned three on Wednesday, and since she loves all things pink, and the Pinkalicious books, we jumped on the bandwagon blazed by my good friends Lei at My Many Colored Days and Alicia at Growing Spuds, I threw her a Pinkalicious birthday party for her very first "friends" party. We were a little bit nervous that it might not be well attended two days before Christmas, but amazingly enough, everyone came!

Aunt Jilly and Uncle Carl transformed the dining room into a little girl's pink paradise. There were LOTS of streamers, you just can't see them all in the picture.We played Freeze Dance, decorated cupcakes, read Pinkalicious and Purplicious, blew out candles, drank pink hot chocolate, and opened presents. I think the girls had a good time, and I know that Maren loved her birthday! She's already telling me what she wants to do when she turns four.


annegillem said...

Oh,oh,oh -- I love the pix and the sights of Christmas in Utah. Almost felt like we were there to share ... we missed all of you so much! Happy times. Can't wait to come in February!
Love, Annie

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Looks like a great party! I've apparently missed out on this entire Pinkalicious thing....I guess boys don't really get into it? ;)

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