Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Master Bedroom Redo

In the other places where we've lived, our bedroom has always been the afterthought. We had bedroom furniture I never really liked, and we just threw our quilt on the bed, slapped up a wall color (or not) and called it good. In our new house, the master bedroom deserved better. But it's a big room (an almost embarrassingly big room) and it took a few months for me to get a vision of what to do with the space. We knew we wanted white linens and a calming feeling overall, and the room was big enough for both an office area and a seating area, so we wanted to maximize all of that. I've been working hard on it for the last few weeks, and here you can see what we've got so far:

A head-on view of the bed. We recovered the headboard yet again (it's been yellow corduroy and white linen in previous incarnations). We also boosted the headboard about a foot and bolted it to the wall. The bedside tables are brand new, from the Thomasville Bogart collection, bought for about 1/10th of the original price from someone's garage in Sandy. Not sure it's legal, but it works for me. The white sheets, duvet cover and bed frame came from Overstock. The matelasse bedspread is from Lands' End. The three fabrics on the bed are by Premier Prints, which I bought from Warehouse Fabics. The headboard fabric is Elizabeth, the larger striped pillows (and the bookcase, visible later) are Veranda and the smaller pillow is Paisley, all in chocolate/natural. The lamps on the nightstands are old, from IKEA, but I replaced the shades with some chocolate brown ones I found on the clearance table there. The turquoise tray on the left nightstand is from Hip and Humble here in Salt Lake City. The prints above the bed are from studiolyon's Etsy store.

This is one of my favorite views of the bedroom. We had pictures taken of each of our kids at six, twelve, eighteen and twenty-four months, and once I got all of them, I had no idea how to display that many pictures. But this house has tall ceilings, and therefore big walls, and even though I've spent years regretting getting the pictures printed SO BIG, I think they work here. Instead of painting an accent wall, we got a two-yard piece of fabric (also from Warehouse Fabrics-- Madison Kelso/French Blue) that I hemmed and nailed up behind the pictures, and gives a lot more contrast between the white frames and beige walls. The couch and mirrors are from IKEA (couch by way of KSL classifieds) and I scored the end tables for $35 for the pair from the classifieds too (I spotted them in the back of an ad for something else and emailed the seller to see if he'd part with them). Eddie got me the cashmere throw from Christmas from Lands' End.

This is kind of a weird shot, but I wanted to show off that there's another bookcase (also an IKEA Billy in black-brown) just like the ones we have in our family room downstairs. This one is backed in the same striped fabric as the pillows on the bed. And speaking of pillows, I made the cases for all of the pillows in about an hour and a half. Envelope covers are so easy. I just kept finding old discarded throw pillows around the house and covered them until the fabric was all gone. 
The rest of the room is still a work in progress. The chair was from Maren's nursery, and will eventually be relocated. Eddie wants a big brown leather recliner, which he will be permitted to have, provided it's not too ugly. We're replacing our single desk with two build-your-own IKEA desks, which will sit side-by-side under the window. The unfinished wood will be painted either olive green or french blue with storage underneath and have either frosted glass or stainless steel tops. The white Tolix cafe chair on the right (the same chairs we have in the dining room) will go with both desks, assuming we can find another one. 

The last picture is of the dressers. They're the Malm four-drawer dressers from IKEA, topped with dark glass. The lamps are big! They're 1950s Eames lamps that I bought for $23 apiece from eBay. I have drum shades ordered for them, but they haven't arrived yet. Eddie also has big plans to upgrade the television.


Lei said...

FABULOUS! I love the fabric on your wall behind the kids' photos and the mirrors on either side! Looks so good.

PS- I hit Hip and Humble every time I am in town. LOVE that store.

Meemer said...

i love the pictures and fabric! what a cool idea!

ira said...

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smart mama said...

love it! after all our phone and email plans and plottings! It looks fab. Nice work on the pillows, headboard,etc!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I, too, love it! My master has been in a holding pattern ever since the paint job that took me 6 full days 2 or 3 years back. You may have just inspired me to finally get the job done!

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