Sunday, August 5, 2007

Training Log: Week of July 30-August 4

Monday, July 30th-- 1 mi of hills, 45 minute spinning class

Tuesday, July 31st-- 4 miles-- 1/2 mi warmup, sprints (4x800, 1x400, with jogging in between, 1/2 mi cool-down

Wednesday, August 1st-- 1 mi warmup (8.2mph), 2 mi tempo run (8.6mph), 1 mi cooldown (8.2mph)

Thursday, August 2nd-- 1.25 mi hills run, spinning class

Friday, August 3rd-- 4.25 miles fartlek

Saturday, August 4th-- 11 miles in 1:20-- felt great!

--originally published 8/1/07

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