Thursday, August 9, 2007

Five questions from Amber

1- What is your favorite meal to make for your family?
Lately (as in the last five years or so), I haven't been so big on cooking. It's an ordeal. Kid #1 and kid #2 eat almost nothing willingly and I still haven't gotten mean enough to stop being a short-order cook. So my favorite thing, besides ordering pizza, is probably the pasta, garlic bread and salad combo. It's really easy, I can spice it up a little bit by changing the sauce on the pasta, and everyone in the family will eat at least one of the items offered. I also love making Thanksgiving dinner, because even if my kids will only eat mashed potatoes and crescent rolls, the other guests at the table are appreciative of my culinary skilz.

2- What is your least favorite chore?
Other than making dinner? Putting the kids to bed. I've handed that role over to my darling husband. Tonight, unfortunately, he's on the town and I've got two kids down, and a chapter of Harry Potter and two kids to go.

3- Why do you blog?
I write therefore I am? It makes me feel less invisible, It's funny because I'm the life of the party in my own home, but sometimes I feel sort of out of the loop with the rest of reality.

4- What is your favorite board/computer game?
I had a pretty severe solitaire addiction in college, that with counseling, and my roommate graduating and taking her computer with her, I was able to conquer. I know I'll sound boring when I say this, but I'm too competitive to love playing games. I hate to lose more than I love to play.

5- If you could live anywhere comfortably (job/salary/cost of living not relevant) where would you live and why?
The last decade and a half have made me quite a nomad. I love where I grew up (Fairfield County, CT) but no one in my family is there anymore, and it would be a hike to see them from there. Also, since we've been far from family for the 12 years of medical training, I want to live near family again. My brother lives in Alaska. My parents live in rural Minnesota. My sister lives in rural Illinois. Eddie's family lives in Utah. I am so not a rural girl, so at this point I'd say Utah. Yes, I am so desperate to live near someone who shares DNA with my children that I'm willing to give up the beautiful rolling hills of Nashville, the temperate year-round breezes of San Francisco, the rocky, ghostly beaches of New England, and even (gulp!) the ancient and modern bustle of London.

So my five questions:

1) Which of your children's names do you think suits them best and why?
2) Chocolate-- dark, milk or white?
3) You're going on a cruise around the world and can only take five books-- what do you take? (the standard works is a cop out, ladies)
4) How do you get through a blogging slump?
5) What has been the most profound change in your life in the last year?

I'm tagging: Courtney, G, Kermit, Taffi, and Misty


Sabra said...

I have the same issues with dinner, and the same meal that solves the problem. thought you should know, you aren't alone.

g said...

Oh my gosh! You tagged me?!?! I feel so special. :D

Courtney said...

I totally get what you are saying about games. I really only enjoys playing things I know I have a chance to win.

Thanks for tagging me. I surprisingly felt a lot of pressure - like it was a test or something.

Shelah said...


Do you remember when we all got together to play the Newlywed Game with Bruce and Teri when we were, well, newlyweds? Eddie STILL talks about that tiger v. kitten v. hibernating bear in the sack question that we got.

Lee said...

I love living by family.. it is nice to have the support. UT.. that would be an adventure!